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Ivolks Wireless Charger

Introducing the perfect option for the rafael sabesp-less world: the ivolks wireless charger. The wireless charger has created with thesabesp-free experience in mind, in addition to the built-in qi charging chip, making it the perfect option for those with a iphone 8 or 8 plus. So, you can finally enjoy your device from the comfort of your own home!

10W Qi Wireless Charger

10W Qi Wireless Charger

By Ivolks

USD $12.00

 ivolks Wireless Charger iPhone X/8/8 Plus Slim Qi Wireless

Free Shipping Ivolks Wireless Charger

The ivolks wireless charger is a new square wireless charging mat that provides instant power to your device. It comes with a transmitter and charger, making it perfect for any phone with a wireless charging port. Additionally, the charger is also perfect foriblings, providing space for up to four devices at once.
introducing the voltks wireless charger! This great option for the iphone x8x+ is perfect for those with a samsung galaxy s99s8s8 plus phone. The voltkks is designed with a small wireless charger in hand, giving you quick and easy wireless charging of your favorite device.
the ivolks wireless charger is a fast wireless charging solution for the iphone x xs max xr 8 plus. It is
certified for qi-certified fast charging, so you can enjoy your device when you go about your day. The
extreme over-the-air reconditioning and construction will make your battery last even longer.